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As I wound the bike deeper down south through the bleakness of Dartmoor, a couple of things annoyed me. The light yet unrelenting drizzle, the kind that pesters visors plus stings the eyeballs and so due to the classic britishnes of our weather my view from the saddle was limited to the car in front. The very same car I'd been caught behind for what seemed like forever, ye Gods that was the longest eighteen miles of my life. Never mind, I'll live to see the stunning wilderness again. I didn't anger because my journey had a meaningful purpose. The West Country Bike Show was my destination today, a great event held on Newton Abbot Racecourse now in its second, and by far drier, year.

Easy to find just follow the brown horsy signs, moderate Saturday shopping traffic didn't hinder progress. Good marshalling with loads of hard standing for parking up on as well as a patch club running security. If those are the bouncers I don't wanna see the guests up for causing trouble. Paid me £7 while smiling in an unthreateningly way, hopefully suggesting I'm not picking a fight, or too much of a wuss just because I'm in thermals and textile waterproofs against their t-shirt leather waistcoat combi. Ok, they win, but only narrowly.

Nice plate

So into the show, first call for relief satisfied by a long choice of port a loos. Not glastbo standards either. Wow, my eye is drawn to a bungee crane, hmm may be not so soon before lunch. And what's that? Bouncy castles for kids, I wonder if campers made night time use, be a shame not to. A choice of usual burger bar food with the welcome addition of jacket spuds and Thai vans, nicely unexpected. Refuel then inside to explore.

Not as many display bikes as last year if I remember, but still a big mix from every kind. Classics to customs to classy to costly. I was in ore of the paint jobs, the craftsmanship and dedication to the art of creating and maintaining such motorbikes. The super charged 'Busa's left me giggling like a schoolboy. I'd spotted the Nos bottle; it must have sprung a leak.

Inside the main hall

Two tattootists were on hand for that permanent reminder of your visit, both buzzing like the dentists drill of nightmares. Seemed to do fair trade mind, the Japanese koi's got me pondering the maybe. Back out side straight into the trike marquee to see engineering at the best. Do I spy a v8 in there?
Wish I had me reading glasses
How fast is your Busa?
Chops & Trikes

Wait, what's going on over there? Have I been fed acid or are there really elves in red coats riding a human pyramid? Further inspection is needed. The world-touring IMPS aged five to sixteen, but don't let their youth con you. Watching the stunts with open mouth muttering "but they're so young…" properly left me looking like a pillock. You'll do the same; hundreds of hours must have been spent practicing on the infantry of 50cc to 250cc dirt bikes. Stunts and clowning around very un child like. Misspent youth? I'm only jealous. Going strong since the seventies (obviously not the original line up) catch them if you can.

With beer on tap till 2am I'd wager some green on sore heads seeing in Sunday. Not sure when the bands stopped but the rock was a rocking from early. Four good bands filled the day, some better then others, if I'd lasted 'til throw out I'd have listened to them all then taken in the fireworks.

Stopped by the Blood Runners stall to give my lose change support, if you donate to the air ambulance give also to these guys. Part of the Free Wheels charity, unsung heroes of the NHS couriering vital supplies voluntary. Give generously; you don't know when you'll need them.

Oop's is that the time? I've got a roast waiting for me so it's off back home till next year when I plan to camp. An excuse to sample more beer. Recommended to every one interested in bikes or those wanting to enter into our world.

Pat Johnson

Boss Hoss- Frigging big

A sign designed for skips

Punters perusing

Not a Harley
Another Harley
Yet another Harley