Madrider Rally 2010

The first destination is reached. The madrider rally for 2010.

Ben helps Tracey and Jess with their marquee as the local livestock are intently and silently interested in such a structure. It was like a Bovine scene from 'The Birds'.

Bob Elsdon in the foreground with Jess and Tracey toiling away behind, while Ben Prince is much more organised and chilling already

Lyn Watts about to discover that that bung thing that came with her new airbed really did have a purpose and that perhaps with hindsight she should have brought it on a camping holiday rather than leave it on the dining room table. Oh how she laughed....or was that everybody else?

Mrs Grumpy deposits her groundsheet sorry, airbed in her temporary abode.

Lyn Watts returning from the bar with Ben Prince with some alcoholic sleeping draft for the hard night ahead.

So how was it for you?

Proof that airbeds work better with air in them

Out for a ride and it is team photo time. L to R Jess (Vivian) Barbery, Tracey Barbery, Ben Prince, Bob Elsdon, Paul Watts

The beautiful sight of Cawsand was behind us for the team photo.

No not Barbados this really is Cawsand. So we all pop down to the beach for food and drink.

Frolics on the Torpoint Ferry

We head West and find Kartworld which turns out to be enormous fun. Lyn decides that she must pop home from here in order to get that airbed bung and not be Mrs Grumpy anymore.

Vroom vroom, beep beep
Bob Elsdon imagines life on the road with three wheels and many more admiring glances as he tries to forget that tomorrow he departs the Raiding Party back to the tedium of earning a crust

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