XS1100 Rally, River Rhine, Loreley, Germany
13th-15th June 2008

Crossing the Rhine

Not getting a grasp of the route to our next destination, we started to get a bit concerned. As we were going to a Yamaha XS1100 rally, we simply tagged along with a German XS1100 rider with the hope that he was heading for the rally too and that he had a better idea of where to go. It turns out the answer was yes to both questions fortunately. Even better he had a grasp of English. We hadn't twigged that we needed to take a ferry across the Rhine at St.Goarshausen. A delightful road down to the ferry and spectacular scenery all around. If you read this friend, thanks for your help.


We were staying at Loreley and the river at this point was awesome. We marvelled at the skills of the drivers of all the boats as the currents at the bend we were at caused no end of problems for them. It was no surprise when we discovered that 'Loreley' was in fact a siren. "Loreley" rock is, a mythical maiden whose songs once lured sailors to their death in the treacherous waters. Apparently she has long hair and doesn't like clothes, see the photo on the right. What bloke wouldn't be lured?

The lads prove that they were there.

Loreley camp site

Paul & Lyn stayed in a hotel with Andy and Ben staying in the hostel. From the hotel bedroom we had a splendid vantage point of the camp site.

This is the view of the Rhine from near to the hotel.


Lyn stops to watch the traffic of the Rhine.

We decide to show our shirts off. It seems that Inselaffen means 'Island Monkey' and is what some Germans may call us British if they want to refer to us in a derogatory way. Of course, the Brit contingent of the XS1100 owners club thought that it would be good to follow up on last years French rally shirts that said 'les rosbifs on tour'. However one German got the right hump that we had these shirts, dunno why. Most Germans thought that it was a great laugh and often took photos.

Rally goers wait in eager anticipation to see who will ride off with an XS1100 in the draw.

Take a guess at one couple who didn't win it.


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