EGG RUN 2007

Come to Davidstow Airfield for the start of the Moorlanders MCC eggrun. OK so where is the airfield? It may be on an OS map but not on any road map. This turned out to be just a minor problem as the run signs were clear enough when you get near.

Greeted with marshals, on approach to the airstrip, there were lots of hi-vis shirted people offering help and directions to aid the smooth running of parking. This turned out to be the same for the whole day. Very efficient and well organised.

Ushered into two neat rows either side of the disused airstrip, we had plenty of time to deposit our Easter eggs in the van provided and to wander around, admiring all the bikes, indulging in teas and burgers that had thoughtfully been supplied.

Our best estimate is that there were perhaps 250-300 in attendance, which I believe is down a bit on last year.

A reasonable cross section of bikes on show with some stand out ones that deserve a mention here.

Apart from a couple of great Yamaha XS1100's that shone like a beacon amongst the modern plastic fantastic on view, there was a Honda C90 cub, a couple of east European outfits and a couple of Trikes

Wondering around with new digital camera in hand, keen to get to grips with some of the complicated buttons, I clicked away in hope that some of the images would turn out something like I have hoped.

This modern Repsol Honda gave me a colourful photo opportunity.
A Meburo motorcycle. I certainly hadn't until this run. I overheard somebody saying that this was one of two or three in the world! I don't know if this is true, but it sure had people scratching their heads. I have been told that Meburo was taken over by Kawasaki. Thanks to Stephan Morris and Steve Buckman for the input.

In immaculate condition and with 24,000km on the clock, the technology suggested a late 1950's, early 1960's bike and the number plate suggested an early 60's registration.

Meburo motorcycle

Meburo motorcycle Those more observant will have notice that it also has modern looking indicators and switch gear.
Triumph Hurricane X-75

And now to the dream of every boy of a certain age. The Triumph really hit the spot when Craig Vetter styled the Triumph X-75 Hurricane in the 1970's.

The sweeping lines of the peanut tank that is good for....well posing as the range is not so good for travelling. The styling theme continues with those wonderful three silencers on the one side.

Triumph Hurricane X-75

Triumph Hurricane X-75

The one at the Moorlanders MCC eggrun was carefully placed in order to receive maximum attention.

I have no problem with this as it fully deserved all the praise and oohs it had.

There wasn't a drop of oil under the bike but there was a pool of saliva resulting from the drooling from the middle aged men that surrounded it.

Triumph Hurricane X-75


One of the Trikes on the run. I avoided Taking more photo's of Bob from Kilkhampton in case he starts demanding image rights.

Everybody was informed in advance that the run was about to start and the whole event was very well marshalled all along the route. The riding was also very good with no evidence of silly riding.

The first drop was in Bodmin and free tea and biccies were laid on for everybody to refresh themselves in the abnormally warm weather.

Next stop had refreshments and a BBQ for which donations were made. Any veggies present either brought their own grub or unfortunately went hungry. Note made for next year!