Jennings Memorial Run is a major participation and spectator event

23rd Martin Jennings Memorial run

Sunday 12th September 2010

Around 1,300 bikers set off from Garras Wharf in Truro to remember Martin Jennings, from Beacon, Camborne, who was killed in a racing accident while competing in the Isle of Man Manx Grand Prix in 1987.

Spectators lined the route as the bikers rode along the A30 up to Camborne down to Helston and then back to Falmouth. Every year since the 39-year-old's death, bikers from across the country have taken part in a charity ride in his honour. The event raises thousands of pounds for charity each year with this year’s recipient being Cancer Research UK.

The above text was pinched from the Falmouth Packet Hopefully they wont mind.

23rd Jennings memorial run

Just leaving Truro at the start of the Jennings Memorial run

Jennings Memorial run heading off to Camborne

1300 Motorcycles make an impact on the Cornish highways all in a good cause.

BAND member Max enjoying the  bike ride

Max Jowett enjoying the ride

Memorial run enters Beacon

The memorial run enters Beacon

Jennings Run halts in Beacon

Jennings Run brings Beacon to a stand still for a few words and a minutes silence


Jennings Run in Beacon. Nobody is going anywhere

Nobody is going anywhere in Beacon until the run restarts


Jennings Run enters Falmouth

The Jennings Run enters Falmouth to applause from admiring bystanders


Triumph Bonneville enters Falmouth Rugby Club

Triumph Bonneville arrives at the finish


Jennings Run finish point

Oi who you looking at?


Jennings run spectators

Spectaors heard that BAND would be on the run and these were looking for Dave Haywoods arrival not knowing that he had already got past them.


Jess and Tracy arrive on the GoldWing trike

Jess and Tracy arrive at the Rugby club


Bikers in Falmouth

Bikers still arriving


Mayor of Falmouth welcomes bikers

Falmouth Mayor enjoys the day


Harley Davison Chopper

Well I like it


Bikers Association of North Devon gather to enjoy the live music

Max, Lisa, Tracy, Jess, David and Lyn relax and listen to the band before making their way back to Devon

Photography by Dave Haywood and Paul Watts
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