Hartland Hill Climb
April 2008

If you ever wondered what a hill climb is? Well I wasn't so sure but I found out on 6th April.

Knowing that the Hartland Quay Hill Climb is a regular date in the North Devon calendar, and that it involved motorcycles, was enough for me to brave the snow to venture down to the edge of North Devon.

The whole point of a hill climb is to drive, or in this case ride, up a hill with lots of twisty bits, faster than the other person. I quote the National Hill Climb Association:
“The Hill is 516 yards long, rising 260 feet varying between 10 and 20 feet in width. The surface is very nice smooth new tarmac apart from the last few yard to the finish - which is very bumpy! The Hill starts with a hairpin left up a very steep slope, a straight, a 90 degree right, a sweeping right, a steep straight, a hard left, a couple of wriggles and a bumpy finish.”

Combine this with power, speed, wet tarmac and stunning scenery, the event is well worth a visit at least once. The event is free to spectators and as it turns out offers a hugely entertaining for anybody with a remote interest in motor sports or motorcycles. I am not so sure that I would be willing to risk my own life, limbs and bike to take part myself but am happy to support those that want to.

Of course there were the odd spills, rider 791 fought a ferocious battle with the rear wheel of his machine constantly trying to overtake the front in his attempt to take glory. Unfortunately the rear wheel finally did overtake the front just in front of me. Luckily there was little damage to rider or bike.

Thanks go to all the riders and the unsung heroes that are the marshalls who combined to make such an entertaining spectacle. Nice one, I shall be back.

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